Mass Fidelity Core Review – The Mass Fidelity Core is priced at Rs. 33,999 in India


Mass Fidelity, a Canadian startup, needs to challenge this using all the Core, a distinctive wireless speaker system which promises to provide’better than stereo audio’.

It allegedly doesn’t have”sweet spot”, that’s the little space where a set of stereo speakers seems ideal. This is accomplished with a technique named Wave Field Synthesis. Unlike traditional stereo speakers which are made to trick the mind, Wave Field Synthesis asserts to rebuild the sound field . Can this miniature small system compete with speakers double its own size? Let us see in our review.

The Core has been created chiefly from metal and has a very sleek and minimalist layout. It is built well and is amazingly compact, measuring only 15x15x10cm. The box includes a fast start manual, a gray cloth instance, a nifty little distant, along with a microfibre fabric.

The shirt is just one bit of shiny acrylic which houses a little LED indicator and switches to control the quantity, change the inputsignal, and commence multi-speaker linking. Front and sides are covered in cloth, as well as the inputs, that can be very detailed for a Bluetooth speaker, are all situated in the back. There’s a subwoofer output, input, optical audio inputsignal, controller inputsignal, power inlet, and also a USB interface by which you’ll be able to control different devices.

2 to eight Core components may be connected using a personal 5GHz wireless community. Regrettably, we didn’t have multiple components of this Core to check the effectiveness of the feature.The distant is a nifty little affair with only six buttons: one for power, two for volume, one for altering the source, you to mute all audio, and you to commence multi-speaker linking. The remote is constructed well and has a shiny finish on the surface that seems superior but collects scratches and fingerprints.

Mass Fidelity Core audio quality and battery lifetime

The Core includes a Bluetooth Selection of approximately 30m and supports both the SBC, AAC, and aptX Bluetooth codecs. In Bluetooth manner, the speaker program automatically connects to previously paired devices or enter pairing mode when nothing else is paired. The deficiency of aptX HD service is somewhat disappointing. As anticipated, the audio was somewhat more comprehensive when using a wired connection (read on for longer ).

The Center is ranked at 120 Watts and contains five custom-designed high-output drivers. The biggest USP of the speaker is its own wave field synthesis technology which promises to provide an outstanding soundstage. Even though this may seem like a gimmick, it really works wonders. The leading spacing makes it feel as though the song has been done live in front of you.

The Core must ideally be set in the middle of a space with its rear facing a wall socket. Because there isn’t any sweet spot, the noise touch and the sound point do not change in any way, whichever part of this room you’re standing or sitting in.

The audio touch is remarkably balanced without a frequency ring outshines any other. This does not indicate that the bass is lean and feeble, but instead the low end is tight, punchy, and commanded. Fans of mostly bass-heavy genres may gain from the additional kick provided by the subwoofer, but others are going to be pleased with the bass available here.

The mids are leading, with vocals sounding unbelievably forwards, natural, and sleek. As a result of expansive soundstage, the bass and vocals seem amazingly natural and appear to fill the space out of each corner. The highs are crisp, crisp and perceptible without being sibilant.

Mass Fidelity asserts that the Core isn’t only for music, and will double up as a home theater system. We joined the speaker program to our Xbox One having a optical wire, and so were amazed with the results. The same as a multi-channel set up, this tiny box immersed us at a broad soundstage with individual components apparently emanating from other corners of the space. While viewing’The Wall’, a film set during the Iraq War which has excellent sound style, we can hear the wind rustling round the sandy dunes, and rifles being loaded, together with impeccable detail.

The only space where the Core defeated us was its highest volume level. The Core can quickly fill a room with noise, but struggles with bigger regions. People who are searching for room-shattering audio should appear elsewhere. In a more moderate amount, it ought to be possible to attain the 12-hour figure maintained by Mass Fidelity.


The Mass Fidelity Core appears slick, and is very compact. It seems fantastic when combined with Bluetooth, and much better wired. The soundstage is notable for a speaker of this size, and it’s appropriate for music in addition to movies.

The Core targets individuals that are extremely serious about audio quality. Even though they are not available in India however, the Google Home Max and Apple HomePod may also finally cost nearly as much, and will provide more brighter performance, though we have not analyzed them so we can not comment on their audio quality. The Core doesn’t have some wise performance or digital assistant built in, however if you’re searching for sound quality, then there are not many flaws to find. Based on Benjamin Webster, one of the creators of Mass Fidelity, the business wished to develop a speaker system that provides the best audio quality, and also for the most part, Mass Fidelity Core delivers on this promise.

In Rs. 33,999, this speaker isn’t affordable, however, the class-leading audio quality on offer surely makes it worth a purchase. The Core is a definitely a fantastic solution for people who are searching for a compact and slick wireless speaker system that doesn’t compromise on audio quality. This small black box really raises the bar for speakers.



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