Sony SRS-XB41 Bluetooth Speaker Review – The Sony SRS-XB41 is priced at Rs. 16,990


We’ve reviewed the Sony WI-C300, that is the organization’s most inexpensive pair of Bluetooth earphones up to now. Now, we’ve got the SRS-XB41 in for inspection, which will be IP67 dust- and – water-resistant and loaded with features designed to breathe life to celebrations. We’re very impressed with all the SRS-XB40’s strong sound and battery lifetime. Let us find out.

Sony SRS-XB41 layout and attributes The whole unit has a cloth end that not just looks superior but prevents the accumulation of dust. The build quality is topnotch and also the SRS-XB41 feels well worth its Rs. 16,990 cost tag. The entrance is clean and devoid of some buttons.

On top of the unit, you’ll get the power switch, Bluetooth matching button, and playback and volume controllers. There’s also a button which activates”Live style”, which increases the soundstage. These membrane buttons are tough to press and also have little to no journey.

Since the speaker is rated IP67 for water and dust resistance, the inputs are protected by a flap in the back using a rubber gasket. There’s a Micro-USB interface and also a DC input, each of which may be used to control the speaker, even though the latter option is a lot faster. Furthermore, there’s a 3.5millimeter socket and a USB interface by which you may use the speaker to control your smartphone.

The flap also covers three extra buttons; you to look at the battery status and also activate the lights, you to link a different SRS-XB41 so that you can listen to audio in stereoand one labelled’WPC’ that permits you to daisy-chain around 99 of those speakers together. Regrettably, we didn’t have multiple components available to test this attribute.

The Sony SRS-XB41 supports Bluetooth 4.2 and NFC for fast pairing using a compatible device. Simply tap a compatible phone on the NFC emblem on top and you’re all set.

Before we analyze the audio quality in detail, we must discuss the myriad of’party-friendly’ attributes that Sony has jammed inside this gadget. The LED lights may slide in tune with your audio, also, both 58mm drivers within the enclosure also light up.

Everybody who watched the light effects was enthralled initially, but got tired of these . We can envision this being a major hit at parties and nights outside, but they’re exceedingly attention-grabbing for daily usage. For people who prefer their speakers to maintain a very low profile, the lights could be disabled by long-pressing the battery at the back. We found it strange for such a notable feature not to be simpler to control. The lights could also be controlled through the Sony Music Centre program, which is challenging to use and includes a tabbed interface.

The Party Booster work can also be intriguing. Hit it in the front, sides, bottom or top, and it generates distinct sound effects. Although this attribute is fun and lets you turn into a make-believe DJ, it will comes across as gimmicky.

Then There’s the Live Mode. This provides a 3D effect to audio and widens the soundstage. To give credit where it’s due, the attribute does audibly disperse the noise throughout the room. But it provides a significant amount of echo and essentially kicks the mids from the audio mix. Because of this, music seems absolutely dreadful.

Sound-wise, the SRS-XB41 is adequate but there is not a great deal to write home about. The bass is tight and punchy, and doesn’t hijack the noise mix completely, but crucial listeners will still find it somewhat excessive. The soundstage (with Live Mode away ) can be open and wide and the most quantity is sufficient to fill even large rooms with sound. The mids are repressed and also the degree of detail that you get is inferior. The highs are a small mixed bag too. You are able to get better sounding speakers without any of those aforementioned frills like the JBL Flip 4 and Ultimate Ears Boom two for less cash.

The SRS-XB41 supports the high quality LDAC codec, which is currently widely accessible in several Android mobiles with 8.0 Oreo. As a consequence, that you can stream music in the greatest bit-rate currently offered. Phone quality is typical with the typical caveats which Bluetooth speakers involve – hollow sound plus a slight echo on the recipient’s end. Sony asserts 24 hours using all the lights and most of party-focused features handicapped. We have about 18 hours of usage on a single charge with all the lights allowed for about half an hour in total, and with audio playing around the 60-70 percent quantity level.

A full control with the included DC adapter required approximately 4 hours. The speaker may also be charged with a normal Micro-USB charger, but it might take considerably longer.


The Sony SRS-XB41 is watertight and has excellent battery life. The LED lights and respective party manners may be considered gimmicky, but assist the speaker stick out in the audience. On the other hand, the audio quality is a bit underwhelming. Though the bass is punchy and sharp and the highs are average, the mids are repressed, and the noise that this speaker generates lacks detail and clarity.

The SRS-XB41 is a fantastic alternative for party animals and people who appreciate extravagance and quantity over audio quality. It doesn’t seem bad per se, but similarly priced alternatives like the JBL Flip 4 and Bose Soundlink Mini 2 provide far better clarity and detail.

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